Benefits of different types edibles

Edibles are food products which are laced with active components of cannabis (THCs and CBDs). This cannabis based food products have gained significant popularity as a result of scientific findings alleging their ability to cure ailments as well as relieving pain.  

Also, the fact that they are taken in as food and produce the same high effects makes them safer since the users are not exposed to respiratory track infectious diseases emanating from smoking.  

Some of the common edibles are: 

Types of food Baked food Sweets Beverages 
 Biscuits Lollipops Coffee 
 Cookies Lozenges Tea 
 Wafers Chocolates Soda 

Different types of edibles 

They are categorized according to the components of cannabis with which they are laced. They are therefore classified as CBD or THC based edibles. 

Effects of different types edibles 

Their effects vary depending on the active ingredients present.  For this, those with higher concentration of psychoactive ingredient have a long lasting effect on one’s behavior.  

CBDs based edibles do not contain the psychoactive ingredients hence its high effect is not more pronounced and can last for a short duration. THC based edibles on the other hand contain the prime psychoactive component of cannabis whose high effect remains in the body for up to eight hours.  

Again, the time taken for their effects to be felt depends on which part of the body they are being absorbed. Lollipops, gums and lozenges are digested and absorbed in the mouth (sub-lingual)  hence their effects are felt almost immediately after consumption while cookies, brownies and biscuits are taken in in the digestive tract thus may take relatively longer before their effects are noticed. 

Once the edibles are absorbed into the blood stream, their effects remain relatively longer than the effect of CBDs and THCs from smoking or ‘vaping’. 

Benefits of different types edibles 

The fact that they are gaining popularity among populace is sufficient evidence that they have more benefits which no one can ignore. Some of those benefits include: 

No risk of exposure to Respiratory Tract Infections – being consumed as food and absorbed into the blood stream, they leave no trace of nicotinic smoke minimizing risks of lung infections. 

Have long term effects – they stay longer in the bloodstream making their high effect to last longer. For responsible users, this gives them a chance to spend less on getting high 

Accessible – since they are sold as food items, there are no stringent legal measures barring people from acquiring them. This makes them readily available to most users. 

Discreet – as opposed to other drugs being sold either as rolls or in bottles, the edibles come as food packs which make them less suspect. 

Risks of different types edibles 

When they are consumed excessively, their effect may last longer which may inconvenience though impaired visual judgment, loss of stability. 

Addiction uncontrolled and regular use may lead to addiction. 


With many countries legalizing use for marijuana, it cannot be denied that it will find many consumers. When talking to a Mushroom Dispensary to minimize cases of abuse and addiction, stringent legislations are mandatory to safeguard the users from the dangers associated with use of edibles. It’d also be in order for the experts to advise proper dosage to reduce misuse.