Meta description: Cannabis tinctures is one of the ways through which medication is administered, it is smokeless. It has become popular due to some factors such as it’s easy to make, store , transport and use.This article while therefore elaborate on what it is and some of its benefits. 


Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures 

Cannabis Tinctures is simply alcohol infused with cannabis hence making it possible to consume cannabis without smoking. Although there are many ways one can consume cannabis, use of Tinctures is one of the most user friendly, this applies both to whether you are new to medical cannabis or a new recreational user. These tinctures are administered sublingually or what is also known as under the tongue or can also be mixed with food and drinks such as smoothies, cocktails,salad dressings and soups. When administered sublingually it is the most straightforward way this allows the consumer to feel the effect faster because the medication is administered directly to the bloodstream. When mixing with food and drinks it takes more time because it is absorbed through the digestion system. Finding the right dosage is also important but can be easily achieved even with trial and error. Highlighted below are some of the benefits of using cannabis tinctures. 


Low calorie 

Unlike the edibles such as cookies and brownies tinctures have very few calories. This can be a great way to consume cannabis especially for someone who is watching on their weight.The average tincture made with 140 proof alcohol is about 7 calories/ml, whereas most baked goods are around 100-200 calories. You can also get the edible experience from the food you were already planning to eat by mixing it with the food. 


Effective dosage 

These tinctures come with a dropper that is very useful in determining the amount you want to consume. One is able to take drops at a time until you feel the effect that you desire. This is opposed to other ways such as consuming edibles and end up taking a higher dosage which is unnecessary. When it comes to patients it is also important to learn the smallest amount that is effective for managing your condition. By learning this you save on your money and lower your cannabis tolerance and helps you select products with the correct potency resulting in effective treatment. 


Better than smoking 

Consuming Cannabis this way is simpler than vaping or smoking.It is also a more comfortable way for people who dislike smoking and would like to consume it. It also does not have odour and it looks like just any other medicine. Although repeated use of alcohol under the tongue can cause irritation, especially if it’s strong ,the consumer is advised to dilute it if it’s unbearable to make it more palatable. 


Do not easily expire 

Tinctures have a long shelf life. They can last for many years if kept well under cool conditions and in dark places. You also have to make sure that they are capped tightly to prevent evaporation and also shake well before use because separation may occur over time. 

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