Eating weed vs smoking effects


It is evident that weed has detrimental health effects on the user and also the people surrounding the user. The effects of weed may cause serious terminal illnesses. From the education curriculum and the World Health Organization, it is clear that they oppose the use of cannabis. Although at some point they may encourage the growers of this plant to put more effort since it has medicinal effects, they discourage the use of it in excess particularly by the youths. The effects are very many and in my essay I have discussed in concise eating weed vs smoking effects. 

History of weed 

It is not specified when people started to use weed but it was discovered that the effect were noticed many years ago, approximately 2,500 years ago. 5000 years past is when the first record of cannabis was recorded. Its effects on people is noticeable by researchers who are discovering other effects time by time. They have discovered the effects of weed when smoked and when eaten. Some of the effects since the ancient days have been considered beneficial to our bodies. 

Effects of eating weed 

Weed can be consumed in different forms which cause different effects on a person. Some of the effects may be positive and others negative. Many people have been attached to the consumption of cannabis by eating. It is believed that it has some health benefits. It has been used to treat various complaints and doctors have started to support the use of cannabis as medicine. It is believed that it is a very good product that relieves pain though the science behind it is not yet clear. Overconsumption is experienced since there is no exact amount that is specified for a person to consume. A person may take cannabis edibles and also smoke which definitely brings about overconsumption. Visual perception changes when a person eats weed and a person also feels sleepy. It is not easy to issue dosage since you can consume other products that contain weed since the food products resembles cannabis edibles. Eating weed vs smoking wee effects is observed as you read through. 

Effects of smoking weed 

Smoking weed is the well-known form of consuming it. Research has made many to learn more about weed. The effects of smoking weed starts from the first day of smoking. It is very harmful to the lungs in particular. As it is well known, smoking cause the deposition of tar in the lungs. The lungs are usually comfortable when it is receiving air and when you mess up with the air getting in, you interfere with the normal functioning of the lungs. Tar contained in cannabis is usually in large amounts and this makes it difficult for air to enter due to the layers of tar. The smoke also contains chemicals that cause cancer known as carcinogens. This shows that prolonged smoking of weed can cause lung cancer. Poor dental health is observable on the victim. Tar also accumulates on the teeth of the individual who smokes weed. There has been speculations that it not only causes lung cancer but also testicular cancer. To pregnant women, the baby is born with reduced weight and that is if the mother uses cannabis while pregnant. 


Eating weed vs smoking weed effects have been clearly stated in the above article. There are the positive effects and the negative effects evident in the above article. The choice you make might be beneficial to your health or quite the contrary.