Negative Effects of Cannabis on Driving

 Half of cannabis users think they can drive safely while high, forgetting the grave risk posed to themselves and other road users. Scientifically, cannabis is presumed to have detrimental effects on human performance and may also affect driving adversely if not mitigated earlier enough. The following are few among many negative effects of marijuana on driving: 

Accident Risk  

Although cannabis intoxication has mildly impaired psychomotor skills, it appears to be severe or long lasting. This impairment is typically manifested by periodically abusing cannabis thus decreasing the driving speed and requiring greater time to respond to emergency situations. Evidence of marijuana’s culpability in on-road driving accident is much less than those of hard drugs but their side effects are also a contributing factor. Driving being the common activity, it’s easy to forget how you really must stay alert to keep safe all the time.  

While it may seem like your body goes on automatic when accelerating or changing lanes, your brain is actually in high gear thereby resulting to an accident. 

Impairs Judgment  

Using marijuana on a regular basis can tremendously affect your judgment. When somebody is high from marijuana, then their ability to concentrate and judge things is severely impaired and indeed it is around the same level as someone that is very drunk on a strong spirit. Driving needs much concentration to avoid head on collision with other vehicles or heating on pedestrians. With impaired judgment caused by the use of cannabis, a person is more likely to cause damage than the one who is not high from this drug. Not only accident than can result from misjudgment but theft may also happen. 

Effect on Memory 

Different studies have shown that people who take marijuana are more likely to have significant alterations to various areas of brain that are directly responsible for learning activities like driving and remembering things. The hippocampus region which is responsible for your memory reduces by a certain percentage by regularly using marijuana. It therefore shows that at least the short term memory of a regular user is undoubtedly going to be affected as the brain just does not have the capability of dealing with remembering different things as its capacity to do so have been reduced.  This eventually results to either loosing the driving skills or being unable to learn or attend the driving school classes.  

Motor Coordination  

Driving while high on cannabis has a great negative impact as various studies have found that there is a direct relationship between blood tetrahydrocannabinol concentration and impaired driving ability. Motor coordination becomes difficult and you are likely to cause damage. 


Cannabis has a negative outcome and it is never recommended to drive while high, as it is dangerous as operating machine under the influence of illicit drug and the consequences related to the use are severe. Some cultures use it as fun but once it gets in the blood and you become an addict, it makes you almost impossible to operate machines as well as simple task like driving which demands concentration. 

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