Pregnant women think that Cannabis is the best solution?

Many women are using Cannabis during pregnancy, according to recent research. The reason behind this is that they want to get control of the symptoms they experience during pregnancy, and morning sickness is one of those related health conditions. 

Many pregnant women think that Cannabis is the best solution to morning sickness during pregnancy period because it is used to treat patients with nausea in chemotherapy, but scientifically, it is not approved to be the solution. 

Contrary to that, the use of Cannabis during pregnancy exposes both the mother and the unborn child into a lot of danger. 

The baby delivered may be underweight at birth. Moreover, a child delivered is likely to have autism. 

                            Effects that Cannabis has to the unborn child 

Cannabis is a dangerous, mild drug, and it can affect the development of the brain of the baby and may cause behavioral and learning related issues that affect them throughout their life. 

Some of the related risks that may be caused due to using Cannabis are as follows: 

Preterm labor 

The low weight of the newly born baby 

Mental health and cardiovascular-related problems that have long term effects on the child problem. 

Long and short term development of learning and it also affects the behavior of the child, including hyperactivity and impulsivity in childhood, and low scores of IQ, at the point it may persist to when they are adults. 


Women are using Cannabis during their pregnancy, thinking that it is the substitute to other treatments, but instead, it is causing side effects to their innocent unborn baby, and it may end up affecting them to the time they grow up. 


                          Substitutes of the Cannabis 

To escape from the perils of the effects of Cannabis on the developing fetus and unborn baby, here are the substitutes of Cannabis. 

A pregnant woman is supposed to often eat small snacks or meals so that the stomach is not always empty. 

Pregnant women are strongly advised to settle their stomachs by simply eating potato chips, which are salty and dry crackers at a small amount. 

Women who are pregnant are supposed to be taking a lot off liquids such as water or rather soft drinks such as juice especially blended fruits but not hard drinks such as alcohol and the like so that they may stay hydrated. They are also well advised to stick to their meals without skipping them. 


Women are supposed to be conscious about their health during pregnancy because it also affects the innocent unborn baby negatively and during their growth period. This condition is considered to be impaired neurodevelopment, and that is why women who are pregnant are encouraged not to use marijuana. 

If you are a pregnant woman and experience health issues, then seek medical advice GS marijuana online