How often does one consume CBD?

CBD is the initial used to symbolize cannabidiol. Research has shown that CBD is one of the cannabinoids from the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a compound that is not psychoactive and is believed to treat various conditions and help relieve anxiety. This article will show clearly some of the CBD oil uses for anxiety relief.

CBD is also believed to be beneficial when it comes to inflammatory diseases. In this article, I will emphasize the anxiety function of CBD in human beings. As per the article Dialogues of Clinical Neuroscience, anxiety disorders have been termed the most common psychiatric condition. Anxiety mainly affects the female gender more than the male gender, and 19.1% of adults in the US have suffered this condition in the past year.

According to a review done in 2015, CBD works with various receptors like the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor, cannabinoid type 1 receptor (CB1R) and other receptors that control anxiety and fear in the brain. They also identified various types of anxiety conditions. These conditions include;

  • panic disorder (PD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • social anxiety disorder (SAD)
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

how to use CBD

CBD has not yet been established as a dose to be prescribed and recommended to people. However, in 2019 an estimated 300mg-600mg of CBD reduced anxiety conditions in 57 male adults. CBD is used in different ways. CBD oil uses  for anxiety relief depends on the other CBD products.

CBD administration products

Some of the various administration methods include oil, tablets/capsules, edible foods, oil in the form of vapor or cannabis flowers, and a sublingual spray. The different forms of administering CBD take effect at different rates. One consumed or distributed in vapor or by smoking tends to start taking effect immediately after consumption, unlike the other methods like edibles, which grow to take longer. They may take between 30 mins to two hours to start working.

How often does one consume CBD?

Consumption of CBD also depends on the user. Some people tend to consume it the whole day, and in return, it helps relieve anxiety for that entire day. It may also be necessary for a person preparing to take an interview or make a speech because there happens to be a lot of anxiety before these two events.

After-effects of CBD

Authors of the 2019 review proved that human beings could consume up to 1500mg a day. However, it tends to have side effects on the user. They may include;

  • drowsiness-CBD brings a lot of sleep to the user.
  • Loss of appetite- the desire to eat decreases in people who consume a lot of CBD.
  • Increased diarrhea- this may negatively affect people who consume CBD since a lot of water is lost in their bodies, leading to dehydration.
  • Increase or decrease in weight- this depends on the eating habit of the consumer after the use of CBD.

In conclusion, research points out more benefits of CBD than disadvantages. People suffering from anxiety disorders tend to struggle so much with their conditions. In this case, CBD should hence be recommended and approved as a dose to be consumed.

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Traveling with Cannabis around the world in 2020

Using or selling cannabis in Kenya is illegal. Due to its terrestrial location, the peddling of cannabis is difficult to police, and as a result, there’s a big home market for the substance. Increasing pressure from an appeal may also mean that the Kenyan administration reviews their present-day laws, and cannabis may be legalized in the future. At the moment traveling with cannabis around the world is illegal rock star strain

However, some countries worldwide like South Africa, Canada, and Australia have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes. Other countries like Brazil, Germany, Jamaica, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom are now allowing medical use of marijuana. This might mean that traveling with cannabis around the world should be easy. 

There’s a variance between the country’s governments and the federal regime, and if you’re not aware of the law, traveling with medical cannabis could lead to an arrest. In the United States, the federal regime still categorizes cannabis, even medical cannabis, as an abused substance. This means anyone moving it across country lines obligates a federal crime and can be charged with drug smuggling. This carries a penalty of up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine for the first offense. 

As per Kenya’s law, if the court decides that the lawbreaker only had marijuana for their own personal use, they may be imprisoned for ten years. Even though this might seem cruel, it is less than a trial for other illegal drugs like cocaine. It usually incurs imprisonment of twenty years or a lifetime. Traveling with cannabis around the world is still difficult because, in reality, one is more likely to receive a fine immediately. Due to the amount of corruption in Kenya, the arresting officers may pocket you at the airport. 

Growing cannabis in Kenya is illegal. It is against the law to farm it, and you shouldn’t allow anyone to grow it on your property. If the law enforcement officers find that you’re involved in marijuana farming, you could be subject to a fine of 250,000 shillings. The possession of the land is usually forfeited to the government if you own the land that the marijuana was cultivated. Buying and selling cannabis seeds to Kenya is illegal. It means that they cannot be sent to you into the country through the mail. Traveling with cannabis around the world and marijuana seeds is still illegal. 

Internationally, fines and discipline for cannabis ownership can be cruel, including long term prison sentences or even capital punishment for smuggling big amounts. 

Traveling with cannabis around the world has been made easy in some states where medical marijuana is legal. One is supposed to present their medical cannabis card, and the law administration officials will normally give it back to you. You should always check your airline’s rules and regulations. Some aircraft have generated policies that ban medical cannabis even if you have a medical card.