Bubba Kush strain is an Indica strain. It is known majorly because of its extraordinary impact in bringing calmness. It has a smell that can make you think it is cocoa or coffee and tastes sweet. The strain can be used time, be it in the daytime or night, unlike other strains, which may hinder performance.

Bubba Kush strain has many benefits that you should know as follows;


Depression is a significant problem facing many people worldwide, and it affects all ages. It usually lowers a person’s mood, and one may lack any good reason to live, leading to suicide. Bubba Kush strain will work magic in ensuring one’s mood is kept constant. Depression may arise due to illness, heredity, personality, and use of drugs.


This is another common health disorder characterized by being asleep most of the time. This unique strain helps to restore activeness in a person suffering from the infection.


We often get ourselves in uncomfortable feelings; in other words, it is referred to as pain. Bubba Kush strain greatly impacts people in distress, from tissue injury, inflammatory pain, nerve irritation, or any other pain.


Sometimes in this life, we get ourselves in excessive worry about the daily happenings in our space. In the case of someone employed in an office and given a task they should do within a short period, they can feel anxious, which is signalled by sweating, a high heartbeat rate, or even tiredness. It has been proven that the Bubba Kush strain will help reduce anxiety.


Stress can be defined as any physical or emotional tension. It results from happenings in our lives, and usually, it is a reaction to a setback; for example, a child whose father has died is likely to suffer from stress, and he will start thinking about how life has become unfair to them and that they will no longer see their father again. Because stress comes from varied reasons, a victim of stress will regain it after consuming this Bubba Kush strain.

We can all agree that the Bubba Kush strain is significant to victims suffering from stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain. Another significance of this strain in humans is that it increases calmness and makes one euphoric, happy, creative, and uplifted.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating vs Drinking THC?

Typically, edibles are metabolized in the liver, which turns THC into a more potent compound called 11- hydroxy- THC. The process takes some time, so edibles are known to kick in 30 minutes to two hours after ingestion. Cannabis’ beverages on the other hand, start to kick in the moment they touch your tongue. Eating vs drinking THC has its advantages and disadvantages as discussed below;

Advantages of Eating THC in Contrast to Drinking 

Although cannabis can be eaten, eating it has its benefits and shortcomings too. Some of the benefits of eating vs drinking THC are as follows; edible cannabis products are often used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, cancer related symptoms and anxiety. Medical cannabis products can legally be prescribed in countries around the world, THC is one of over 100 compounds known as Cannabinoids in cannabis.

THC is the compound responsible for indicating properties of cannabis polets, including edibles that may induce feelings of euphoria and relaxation, THC is also believed to be the primary compound responsible for the pain relieving effects of cannabis. Edible cannabis products, such as oils, pills and gummies are commonly used to treat poor appetite, pain and weight loss in people who have cancer


Additionally, those products may reduce pain and muscle spasms, relieve nausea and vomiting, and enhance sleep quality. On the other hand drinking cannabis also has some advantages such as; cannabis drinks work quicker, they taste good are a great alternative to alcohol and they have a psychoactive effect. 

Disadvantages of Eating THC in Contrast to Drinking 

Some of the disadvantages of eating vs drinking THC are as shown below;

It can be very difficult to determine an appropriate dosage. Concentrations of THC defer widely depending on different factors such as where the product is made and the quality of cannabis used.

Additionally unlike drinking cannabis, edible cannabis products have a long latency period, meaning it can take a while sometimes even hours for it to take effect. In contrast psychoactive effects of edibles usually take 30 minutes to kick in the effects last much longer and typically peak at about two to four hours after ingestion depending on how much was ingested, gender metabolism as well as body weight. The combination of high variable THC and the long latency period of edibles cannabis products make them very easy to unintentionally over consume, which can lead to symptoms such as paranoia and impaired motor ability.

Another disadvantage of eating vs drinking THC is that edible cannabis prolts often resemble regular cookies and other baked goods, posing a risk for children, pets and other adults. Additionally though rare, there have been instances of cannabis infused psychosis, a temporary condition usually reflected to over consumption of edible cannabis products that results in symptoms such as paranoid delusions, hallucinations and confusion. Other side effects of edible cannabis products include dry mouth, sleepiness and changes in visual perception.

Edible cannabis products may offer various benefits, including reducing symptoms to chronic illnesses and anxiety. Still these products may cause side effects, react with common medications and take long time to kick in.

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How Legalizing of Weed Will Affect its Pricing in the Future

Weed is a common name used across the world to refer to cannabis or marijuana as some would call it. According to my reasoning, the fact that growing of cannabis was largely illegal in many countries across the world led to it been termed as weed. Normally, a weed is the unwanted plant that grows where and when it is not needed .  

Years ago, marijuana was quite expensive. I tend to think the prices were high due to its state of illegality in many countries across the world. The pricing of weed has changed though as days pass and it looks set to continue changing in the future. This change has been a positive one especially for the consumer as it is a drop in the price and not a hike. 

Many countries and states seem to be embracing the growing, use and selling of the plant and its products. This is easing the acquisition of the weed-related products and the weed itself. Well in the business world, scarcity of an item means its demand is higher than its availability. The demand is proportionally direct to the price. The higher the demand is then the more the price. In this case, when the weed availability raises to the level of the demand then the prices must fall. More growth of the product has led to more harvest (production)  of it Skunk’s Oasis delivery.  

In the future, if all factors remain constant, weed will be a readily available commodity. These factors include, the growth, legality and commercialization of weed. One needs not be a prophet to give an assurance that pricing of weed in the future will have a drastic decrease compared to a few years ago. It is common logic.  

This decrease in the pricing of weed in the future will have many positive significances to the consumers and the goverments involved too. The positives include the following; 

1. Easy access and acquisition of weed or weed-related products. 

2. Increased goverments’ income revenue through tax. 

3. Exploitation of unused lands for farming of the plant. 

4. Creation of employement and therefore increased rate of poverty eradication. 

5. Higher production of medicinal drugs that are weed-related. 

6. Increase in research concerning the use, the positives and negatives of the plant. 

7. Fall of prices for medication that requires drugs related to weed. 

As much as we have the positives, the pricing of weed in the future will for sure not escape the the negatives. These negatives will include; 

1. Increase of abusive of weed-related drugs. This will be due to easy availability of the same. 

2. Increase in the rate of crimes for those under the influence of the weed related products. 

3. Increased competition in the market of weed and its commodities. 

As it stands, I wouldn’t think of a reason as to why the pricing of weed in the future will raise or even stay as it is currently. Well, whoever doesn’t like to listen knows nothing, or very little so, am willing to listen to anyone who thinks they can convince me the opposite.