Benefits of Indica vs Sativa cannabis

There are two common subspecies of Cannabis:  Sativa and Indica. Other variations exist in the form of a hybrid (a plant created by crossing Indica and Sativa) or a subspecies like Cannabis Ruderalis which is less widespread and is used primarily for the creation of auto-flowering cannabis strains. So, let’s take a look at both differences between Sativa and Indica cannabis and Indica vs Sativa cannabis effects.

Appearance and size

Sativa plant is taller than Indica. A Sativa plant can reach 1m80 while an Indica rarely exceeds 90cm. The buds of Sativas are often longer and less dense. The leaves of Sativas are usually long and thin. The Sativa evolved depending on the particular climate, while Indica did not have to fight to capture the sun, giving them a bush appearance. 

The flowers of Sativas usually grow between the nodes of each branch, which tends to give them a cluster shape and some density. The leaves of Indica plants are shorter and wider than those of Sativas. Due to this difference, Indica vs Sativa cannabis effects vary.

Difference in aromas

The Sativa traverses a wide range of flavors, from fruity flavors ammoniated. These varieties are more floral and tropical. The Indicas are often fruity, as indifferent strains of Kush, but may have a woody smell like skunk varieties and hybrids Indica.

The effects of cannabis

Indica vs Sativa cannabis effects depends on what strain you used. Cannabis sativa seeds are known for their psychic effects although not all cannabis Sativa seeds have the same effect. One will have a more social effect while the other will amplify colors and sound. 

The level of CBD is often higher than in Indica dominant strains. Indica cannabis seeds are also popular for their relaxing effects on the physical level. The percentage of THC is often higher than that of Sativa dominant strains. Indica vs Sativa cannabis effects is as below.

The Effects of Cannabis Sativa:

  1. makes you more social, or perhaps make you laugh.
  2. Sativa has a stronger effect on the mind (high).
  3. Because of the greater CBD concentrations, it is ideal for calming therapeutic purposes.
  4. A pleasant and upbeat impression.
  5. Provides energy and expression
  6. Suitable for intake during the day rather than at night.

The Effects of Indica Cannabis:

  1. Completely unwinding.
  2. Because of the greater THC concentrations, it is suitable for medicinal pain relief applications.
  3. Bid farewell to stress.
  4. Frequently used at bedtime.

In conclusion, Indica vs Sativa cannabis effects is that it is worth looking at the composition or at least the genetics of the ancestors. These plants are often cultivated to ensure a certain effect, determined by genetics, but especially the chemical composition of each type of cannabis. The entourage effect of all the components of cannabis should not be underestimated. It is indeed the total composition of your favorite herb that determines its effects.

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