How CBD treatment for sleep works

Sleep disorders have negative health effects, cause daytime drowsiness and make one less productive during the day. It is characterized by having difficulties in falling asleep or inability to stay asleep at night. There are various regimes used to manage the problem. This article will focus on CBD treatment for sleep.  

Cannabis is mainly known for recreational use. However, it is also used for medicinal purposes. The plant has two main compounds: cannabinoid, usually abbreviated as CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, shortened as THC. Both compounds have psychoactive effects to the brain; however the effect is not the same.  

CBD is known to induce sleepiness in people through body relaxation. It is also known to increase sleeping duration. It is mainly used in treatment for sleep disorders caused by external factors or other related conditions.  

How CBD treatment for sleep works 

Most researchers suggest that CBD compounds react with serotonin receptors found in the brain. Serotonin reduces activities of the brain promoting relaxation. However, how CBD actually causes sleep is not known. Most articles and researchers do not specifically explain how CBD works while used in treatment for sleep. Others claim that sleep is a secondary outcome of using CBD. 

Using CBD for sleep disorders 

The product is used to reduce sleeping difficulties, improve the quality, and also the length of sleep.  

People with REM disorders like those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, can use CBD to immobilize them while asleep. Such people are free to move while asleep, and they usually react physically to what they dream. This can result to physical injuries and also disrupt their sleep.  

Apart from promoting sleep, small doses of CBD taken at daytime can stimulate alertness. This is beneficial to people who feel drowsy during the day.  

CBD dosage for people with sleep disorders 

CBD exists in various forms of use like edibles, topical, sublingual products, and inhalable. The mode of use depends on the type of product. Due to limited research performed on cannabis and its products, more research is being to uncover how it works and hence the dosages. As a result of this, those who live in regions where it is legal to use CBD and they wish to use it for sleep treatment, it is a good idea to begin with low dosage. People will respond differently to this substance depending on their body chemistry. The dosage may be increased gradually as one learns how their body reacts to it. Other factors that determine the quantity of the product used is age, body weight, and severity of the problem. Similarly, if instructions are given, they should be read before using it. 

Side effects of using CBD 

  • Fatigue 
  • Mental sedation 
  • Lowered fertility 
  • Changes in cell viability 
  • Nausea 

Despite evidence suggesting that CBD can be used as a sleeping aid, use of cannabis and its products is outlawed in some regions. Therefore, use and circulation of cannabis related products is regulated in most parts of the world. Similarly, self-medication can easily result to undesirable health effects. It is advisable that people who experience frequent sleep disorders should visit a doctor. 

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